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Eager for sport emotions in beautiful place with the sun shining in the blue sky? Come to Croatia and join Fazana Brioni Kup! Football competition with the teams from different parts of the world and many other adventures are waiting for you here!



Age categories


U-10, U-11, U-12, U-13, U-15


17 - 21 JUN 2020




Croatia - Fazana (Istria)

Number of teams (2018)


Sport facilities



Village mobile homes

Village apartments




Arrival & Check-in

Hello in Fazana! This picturesque Croatian town becomes a football centre for the several upcoming days. After the arrival and check-in at your hotel, please come to the technical meeting to gather all the necessary information concerning the tournament. Have a great time in Croatia!


Group stage in progress

Group stage matches for all age categories start today. After the first emotions on the field, all teams are invited to participate in the tournament inauguration evening. You will have the opportunity to make new friends and have a big fun there!


Qualification matches

Football competition is heating up. After all the games, you have free time to use whatever you want. Why not taking a walk around the city centre and along the coast? Catch the rays of the sun and fell in love with the landscape of Fazana!


Qualification matches

The third day of the competition starts! Do your best on the field if you want to play for the most important trophy tomorrow. Before the deciding games, let's visit the swimming pool area with special attractions. It will help you to gather stength for the finals and relax a little bit in your free time.


Finals and awards

Today we make a step to the last day of the Fazana Brioni Kup -it's high time to start the finals! After them, all participants are invited to the Awards Ceremony, which finishes the cup. Still want more? Join the tour to the city of Pula and enjoy its architecture, lanscapes and monuments. The proximity of the Adriatic Sea will make the trip even more attractive!

Istria Fazana Rovinj Pula Vrsar Crabs and other delicacies
The largest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea, belonging to Slovenia, Italy and Croatia. Loved and frequently visited by tourists, the Croatian part of Istria is famuos for beautiful landscapes and real gems of medieval architecture. Don't stop your sightseeing on Istrian most popular resorts. Go deeper into this land and discover its natural beauty!
This little town located in the Istria region is a holiday paradise. It's the perfect place for people looking for recreation away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Come and enjoy long walks on beautiful beaches or boulevards by the sea and try aromatic coffee in the Fazana Old Town!
City located in the western part of Istria, characterized by the natural wealth and the active fishing port. Coming here, be ready for the constant admiration for the breathtaking scenery and the architecture of the place. Don't forget to take a walk along Grisia Street, leading to the Church of St. Euphemia located at the very top of the city.
The largest city of the region, known for the ancient Roman buildings and a deep-rooted tradition of fishing and wine-making. Being in Pula, you might like to see the Roman amphiteatre Pula Arena, Arch of the Sergii and numerous temples scattered all over the city. Don't forget about vast beaches and crystal clear sea, though!
One of the calmer Istrian towns, situated in the western side of the peninsula. Tourists longing for relax are welcome to use the local beaches of Vrsasr. Besides, the place offers its visitors interesting monuments, such as the Churches of St. Martin Church and St. Fosca or the historical main gate of the city.
Crabs and other delicacies
Istria is not only about charming landscapes and majestic momuments belonging to the ancient and medieval times. Thanks to its considerable natural resources and rich fishing and wine making traditions, you may also find here a heaven for your palate! Try and fell in love with the Istrian local tastes!


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