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Welcome to the Gothia Cup - the largest tournament in the universe! Come to Gothenberg in Sweden and experience youth football on the highest international level where teams from all over the world meet in breathtakingly beautiful Scandinavia!


Gothia Cup

Number of teams



Sweden - Gothenburg




Age categories


U-11, U-12, U-13, U-14, U-15, U-16, U-17, U-18


U-11, U-12, U-13, U-14, U-15, U-16, U-17, U-18

Sport facilities

Heden Center

Nya Ullevi Stadium - Opening Ceremony and Finals

Gamla Ullevi Stadium - Finals




Arrival & Check-in

We are in Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden! Before having a look around in the neighbourhood, please remember about check-in at your accommodation spot and registration at Heden Central Information. Let's have a dinner together and after that meet in Gothia Heden Center which opens today. The week full of sport emotions and many more attractions is coming!


Opening Ceremony & Tournament begins

It's said that every Monday is a fresh start. So it's high time to begin the group stage competition! In the throes of football emotions, don't forget about the age control procedure which takes place until 7 PM. In the evening, everyone is invited to participate in the Opening Ceremony at Nya Ullevi Stadium. Come and experience the cultural and national diversity accompanied by music, dancing and colorful fireworks!


Group stage in progress & Leaders Party

The second day of the group stage games starts. If you have some energy saved for the free time, we recommend you to visit the Volvo Museum, located in the Arendal industrial park. In the evening, Gothia Leaders Party is organized at Scandinavium arena. Good atmoshpere and delicious food in a great company is guaranteed!


Playoff stage starts

Today, we fight in the last games of the group stage and move briskly to the play-offs. To reduce the tension and relax a little bit after the day on the field, experience some world outside the tournament. What about visiting Liseberg amusement park and get the wind on the largest rollercoasters in Scandinavia?


Playoff stage in progress

The teams from groups A and B continue the competition in the play-off phase. Don't forget that Gothia Heden Center is still open and full of attractions for all the participants. Those, who have not enough of adventures here, may leap at the opportunity of visitng Bohus Fortress sitauted around 20 minutes by bus from Gothenburg. Experience the rich history of the region yourself!


Playoff stage in progress

The teams from groups A and B continue the competition in the play-off phase. Don't forget about the break and find out more about the attractions in neighborhood.


Finals A and B

We have to set the alarm clocks on the early hour today! The first game of the play off B starts at 8 AM in Heden. Whereas at 8:30 AM, Gothia Finals A at Gamla Ullevi Stadium begins. The A finals will be played at both Gamla Ullevi and SKF Arena. When the football fever ends and sport emotions falls, the winners will receive their medals and trophies. The last lunch is waiting for the participants, who are going to come back home today. We hope you've had the great time in Gothneburg!

Gothenburg Liseberg Bohus Fortress Volvo Museum
GothenburgWalking around Gothenburg is always going uphill or downhill. There are also many canals and bridges in the city. A great tourist attraction is paddling boats. On the top floor of the Lilla Bommen office building, there is a viewpoint from which you can admire the magnificent views of the harbor and the city itself.
LisebergStarved for extreme emotions? Liseberg, the greatest amusement park in Scandinavia is waiting for you around the corner! You can find breathtaking rides, countless attractions or even the theatre performances there. From frightening rollercoasters like Balder or Valkyria to gentle Fisketuren or Blomsterkarusellen - everyone will find something for themselves and have a wonderful time here.
Bohus FortressWould you like to watch the history of never-ending conflicts, violent invasions and useless attempts to conquer the fortress built on the old Norwegian-Swedish border? Join the trip to the Bohus Fortress in Kungälv and discover what its defensive walls have to tell you. This place survived more kings, warriors, shooting and explosions than you can immagine!
Volvo MuseumAny motorization freaks here? We are pretty sure that you won't pass indiferrently along the Volvo Musem. The place presents not only the exhibitions with most popular vehicles' models but also goes into the Volvo Ocean Race and offers interesting temporary displays.


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