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Are you ready for the sport adventure in Italy? Come to Jesolo, the city located within a stone throw to Venice, and take part in Trofeo Alto Adriatico tournament. Let yourself fall into football emotions and the unique atmosphere of northern Italy!



Age categories


U-9, U-10, U-11, U-12, U-13, U-14, U-15, U16, U17


1 - 3 May 2020




Italy - Lido di Jesolo (Venice area)

Number of teams (2018)


Sport facilities


Jesolo Lido

Cavallino Treporti


Holiday Village






Arrival & Check-in

Welcome to Jesolo, a sunny town in the north of Italy!! After arrival, please registrate your team and check in at the hotel. Then, we invite you to the technical meeting, where you'll get useful information concerning the tournament. Last but not least attraction for today is the Opening Ceremony with a colorful teams parade!


Qualification matches

Today, sport competition begins! The teams from all age categories play their qualification matches. In the middle of the day, all the participants have a lunch break. After that you will come back to the field. Those, who save some stregth for the afternoon, may have a walk on the Jesolo's golden beach and in the city centre.


Finals & Awards Ceremony

Group matches continues. Then, we are moving smoothly to the finals. After the last emotions, get ready for the Award Ceremony! Don't you want to go home yet? Stay in Italy for the next day and enjoy touristic attractions of the region. What about a visititg the SeaLife or the Tropicarium Park and discovering nature diversity there?


Optional day

Now it is time to forget about football for a moment. Being in Jesolo, you have an unique opportunity to visit Venice with its magical St. Mark Square, Rialto Brigde and many more! All interested can join the cruise through the Lagoon of Venice with its picturesque islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello. Feel in love with Italy and come back next year!

Lido di Jesolo Venice Venice Canals Monuments Art & Culture Veneto Region
Lido di Jesolo
Are you looking for a perfect place, where you could relax at the seaside? Visit Lido di Jesolo, the largest tourist resort in Veneto region and enjoy its vast beaches with many attractions. Sea-bathing, aquaparks, restaurants with local food and 13 metres long promenade are waiting for you here!
Venice is a city that definitely needs no introduction. This one of the most unique places in the world is situated in north-east Italy. Characterized by its worldwide known canals, numerous monuments and artistic movements, Venice is the city that everyone should visit at least once in their lives!
Venice Canals
While the people of Venice have got used to the continuous water traffic, for tourists it's still something extraordinary. Water trams, gondolas, ships - choose a mode of transport ideal for you. Sailing through the Grand Canal, you may observe the architecture and daily life of Venice.
St Mark's Square, the Doge's Palace or Saint Mark Basilica are only some of the places presenting the architecture of the city. Let's take a map and discover Venetian narrow streets and bridges! They say that it's easy to get lost here, but who knows what treasure is waiting for you around the corner?
Art & Culture
Venice has been an important centre of art and culture for ages. Such events as the Carnival of Venice, the Venice Biennale or the Venice Film Fesitival take place regularly and attract people from all over the world. Check the calendar and add some interesting event to your journey plan.
Veneto Region
Visiting Venice, don't forget about the other parts of the Veneto region. Neighbouring Rovingo, Padova and Treviso have a lovely scenery and many attractive places to offer. Not to mention the legendary Verona, which was famed in the Shakespearean play. Let's hit the road and discover the beauty of the region.


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