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Sunny weather, stunning nature and football emotions. This is what you will find taking part in the Valpolicella Cup in northern Italy. Feel magic atmosphere of Garda Lake region and meet people from different parts of the world in one place!



Age categories


U-9, U-10, U-11, U-12, U-13, U-14, U-15, U-17


31 MAY – 2 JUN 2020




Italy - Garda Lake area

Number of teams (2018)


Sport facilities

S. Pietro in Cariano









Arrival & Check-in

Good morning in Italy! We are in the region famous for its vineyards on the Garda Lake.. After the arrival, please check in at the hotel and have some rest. At 5 PM, the coaches are invited to the special meeting with welcome drink in the Valipocella cellar. At 8.45 PM all the teams meet together to take part in the colorful parade in the Opening Ceremony, which starts 15 minutes later.


Qualification matches

Today, the qualification matches begin. Your team is going to play on the professional, natural and artificial football fields, approved by the Italian Football Federation. If you have some time and energy left for the afternoon, why not having a walk around the Valpolicella area with the vineyards and historic cellars, full of the local products to taste?


Finals & Awards Ceremony

It's high time for the finals of the tournament! Give your's best in the field today and celebrate the success on the Award Ceremony later. Those, who decided to go back home today, are preaparing for departure. The rest participants have one day more to discover the region and beauty of Italy!


Optional day

Ready for the new adventure? What about visiting Gardaland Park and feeling the wind in your hair on the crazy rollercoasters? Those, who prefer calmer entertainment, may have a walk in the villages of Lake Garda or in the Verona city with all its natural, cultural and architectural diversity. Bardolino, Lazise, Sirmione and many more are waiting for you!

BEAUTY OF THE REGION Lake Garda Gardaland Park Verona Venice Venice canals
Have you already fallen in love with northern Italy and would you like to see more? Don't think too much and go on the journey around the region! Bardolino, Lazise, Sirmione and many more magical towns and beauty spots are just around the corner, ready to be discovered.
Lake Garda
The largest and the purest northern Italian lake, lying between Milan and Venice. It is surrounded by picturesque towns and resorts popular among tourists from all over the world. Don't hesitate and visit Lake Garda region to discover its historical buildings and miracles of nature characteristic for this place!
Gardaland Park
Any adventure seekers on board? If yes, we have something special for you. Visit Gardaland Park and choose your favorite attractions there! We have three options to offer: Fantasy for little dreamers, Andventure for all avdenturers and Adrenaline for thrill-seekers. Choose carefully and have fun!
Who does not know the history of love between Romeo and Juliet? Visiting Verona, you have an unique opportunity to stand on the balcony created according to the Shakespeare's imagination and feel like a literary character for a moment. But don't stop there! The city of art, colorful festivals and medieval architecture is filled with much more mysteries and wonders than you might think.
Venice is a city that definitely needs no introduction. This one of the most unique places in the world is situated in north-east Italy. Characterized by its worldwide known canals, numerous monuments and artistic movements, Venice is the city that everyone should visit at least once in their lives!
Venice canals
While the people of Venice have got used to the continuous water traffic, for tourists it's still something extraordinary. Water trams, gondolas, ships - choose a mode of transport ideal for you. Sailing through the Grand Canal, you may observe the architecture and daily life of Venice.


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