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Prague Castle OLD TOWN SQUARE Astronomical Clock TOWN GATE Bridges
Prague Castle
As the Guinness Book of Records says, Prague Castle is considered to be the largest ancient castle in the world. In the area of 70.000 m2, the medieval castle, the towers and the Royal Garden are situated. The Castle is one of the most popular touristic attractions in the Czech Republic.
Old Town Square is a historic area located in Prague Old Town and surrounded by diverse architectural treasures. There are gothic and baroque churches, art museum in the Kinský Palace and the Old Town Hall with the worldwide known astronomical clock. Take a walk and discover the places that are the most interesting for you!
Astronomical Clock
Prague Orloj is a medieval clock and an astronomical dial dating back to the 1410. Located on the wall of the of the Old Town Hall, it has become a symbol of Prague recognizable all over the world. It's not surprising, taking into consideration its functions and beautiful ornamentation.
One of the two most significant gates in Prague, situated in the entrance to Charles Bridge. The other one is the Powder Gate, one of the original gates of the city, which separates the Old from the New Town. If you are in Prague, don't miss the occasion to go through its gates!
Prague may be easily called the city of bridges. The most popular is Charles Bridge that connects Prague Castle with the Old Town. On its length of 516 metres, we can admire baroque sculptures and look at the city from the perspective of the Vlatva River. Take a (long!) walk and feel the unique atmosphere of the city!