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Road to Sport

Hi there! Are you a coach, a manager or an athlete? Are you looking for a sports organization built of people who understand your needs? In Road to Sport, we not only understand, but we also talk, advise, analyze and give you exactly what you need. You can count on us at every stage of your journey – both as a professional partner and a buddy from the field. Our mission is to make you achieve your goals. We love sport just like you do and want to show you its most beautiful sides. Jump at the chance to have a time of your life on the international adventure! Discover new places and sports facilities in all over the world and build unique relationships. Head out for the sports events with us and push the boundries on the sports camps.


We plan, we organize but we also take social responsibility. That is why in 2018 we founded the  Road to Sport foundation, with its mission to support and promote physical education in societies, to increase participation of the youth in various sports disciplines and to help in people’s integration through sport. Our goal is also to educate managers and coaches and to guide parents on a quest for their children’s passions and talents. We believe in strong parent-child relationship, which can be built through sport. Our purpose is to search for innovative solutions helping to popularize sporting activities. We do so by hearing people’s voice and recognizing their needs.



In our league we have players whose experience and practical skills allowed us to excel in organizing and seeing through the biggest sport events in the world


We are experts in sport tourism and events organization. Years of work in projects both for professional and amateur athletes make us a perfect partner for you


We know how to organize things. We set goals, make plans and then execute. If you like to work with us, you can be sure that every detail will be taken care of. We know how to do it.


We are an international company. The world is as easy to access today as it has ever been. And sport is everywhere, therefore if you search for a partner who thinks global, that's who we are.


We work only with the best and fully professional partners. Our wide network includes companies, agents and organizations who operate in various areas and it is still growing


How did it all begin? We just wanted to do something that will make happy as many people as possible. This is how our sport journey started. But in fact, it turned out to be rather a wild ride! We are a sport family – with you on board. That’s why we support you on every part of the journey. As the professionalists, we have experience which led to the organization of the biggest sport events in Poland. You can feel safe and comfortable with us. Don’t hesitate to ask, if you need an advice. As your sport partner, we’d like to accompany you in the most exciting times of your life!