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Welcome to the Dana Cup tournament! Let's meet in Hjørring, one of the oldest Danish cities, and immerse ourselves in the football emotions on the last week of July.


Dana Cup

Number of teams



Denmark - HJØRRING

Sport facilities

Park Vendia + other



Sport Centers


Age categories


U-11, U-12, U-13, U-14, U-15, U-16, U-17, U-19


U-12, U-13, U-14, U-15, U-16, U-17, U-19



Arrival & Check-in

Velkommen til Danmark! We are happy that you join us and become a part of the Dana Cup tournament. After the arrival, all the team leaders report themselves in the Dana Cup check-in. Everybody may visit our Sports Cafe in the SportsCenter, which is already open and offers you good coffee and Live Sports TV from 9 AM till 10 PM everyday.


Check-in & Opening Ceremony

The check-in procedure continues today. We would like to remind you that all the participants may make use of special facilities and tournament attractions, like Bazaar & Event Area or aquatic center - Park Vendia. At midday, representants of the teams will be offically welcomed to the tournament by the Major of Hjørring. At 7:30 PM the Opening Ceremony begins! The parade of participant teams starts from the Hallen Park Vendia.


Opening rounds start & Leader Meeting

Not long after the sunrise, the opening round of the Dana Cup begins! The games are going to last from 7:30 AM till 9:30 PM. If you still have some energy, join the tour to North Sea Oceanarium in your free time! Every dance amateur will surely take part in our alcohol free disco (7:30-11:30 PM). Whereas leaders are invited to the fantastic Leader Meeting at 8:30 PM. International company and good atmosphere guaranteed!


Opening rounds in progress

Dana Cup opening rounds continue. After coming back from the field, you may visit the funpark or come around to the Sports Cafe and enjoy the Mexican Night there (remeber about the earlier reservation). Would you like to escape the tournament environment for a while? What about going to the Vendsyssel Historical Museum and moving back to Denmark from the distant past?


A and B final rounds

Sport competition is getting the higher level - both A and B groups starts the final rounds today. If you didn't have the opportunity to pose for the team photo, you can still do it in front of the Aquatic Center and get the memory for the rest of your life!


A and B final rounds in progress

Games in the A and B final rounds continue. All interested may visit Fårup Summerland amusement park before or after the midday with Dana Cup transport! At 12 PM, we are going to hear the first whistle on the group A finals at the Nord Energi Arena. Finals B are played from 4:30 PM at the Fortuna Fields.


A and B finals & Closing Ceremony

The last day of the tournament has come. A-finals starts at 8 AM on the Nord Energi Arena. B-finals are played at the Fortuna and HI´s fields from 9 AM. Just after the midday (1 PM), best visiting club trophy will be presented to us. We hope that all the participants have only good memories from the tournament and that we will see each other in Denmark again!

Fårup Summerland North Sea Oceanarium Vendsyssel Historical Museum
Fårup SummerlandDo you want to feel the thrill of emotion while moving very fast up and down or spinning around? Don't hesitate and visit Fårup Summerland amusement park in North Jutland and take a ride in crazy rollercoasters in the air or on the water!
North Sea OceanariumReady for the underwater adventure? 70 tanks with 6500 fishes and other marine mammals are waiting for you in the North Sea Oceanarium! The place offers you eploring 7 different destinations in the water. Take a deep breath and dive deep in the wonderful world of nature!
Vendsyssel Historical MuseumGet in the unique, historical time capsule and move back 13 000 years from the present time in the Vendsyssel Historical Museum. This place offers you a profound insight to the archeology and objects used by Danish ancerstors in the past. Coming back from this wonderful journey, don't miss a hint of contemporary history and beautiful gardens that are an adorment of Hjørring today.


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